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Hello, I'm Margaret Knight, an art and cultural historian, teacher and cultural tour organiser based in London. I have been teaching for longer than I care to say, first in the art history departments of various polytechnics and then at the Victoria and Albert Museum where I developed the Adult Education programmes at the request of the Director Roy Strong. I devised the first Foundation Course for NADFAS and the first two of the very successful V&A Year Courses, ‘Medieval and Renaissance Art’ and ‘Art and Design since 1850’. Along the way I contributed to a number of books on art and design and acted as historical adviser to the drama units of the BBC and Channel 4 including "Mrs Brown". After leaving the V&A I was co-director of ‘The Course Studies’ for 15 years, planning and teaching a series of multi-disciplinary programmes.

Margaret KnightI am now a freelance teacher specialising in study days and linked series of lectures that allow for an in-depth investigation of the subject. You can find details of my current and upcoming teaching engagements on the Teaching page, including programme information and contacts should youwish to book a place. If you are interested in my devising and teaching a lecture day or series for your art society you can contact me by email at Please copy and paste this address into your email address bar. 

I plan and teach cultural tours in association with Millennium Tours. The link to Margaret Knight Tours and other links on this page have information on my forthcoming programme and links to previous tours that you may find interesting and will give you a taste of their range, content and quality.
I am happy to plan and teach tailor-made trips for groups and parties.

My recent tours have been to Friuli, Galicia, Le Marche, Calabria, and Venice and you can view itineraries and information about them here.

Study Days and Lectures

Coronavirus and Study Days

All Study Days are presently suspended and we are planning to re-schedule all outstanding days as soon as it is safe and practical to do so. We are planning to resume The New Elizabethans in the Autumn so please keep an eye on the Teaching page.

Notes for 'The Pilgrim Roads', 'The House of Tiffany' and 'Three Artists of the Golden Age' are available in Notes and Letters.

Alsace Lorraine tour

Autumn tour 2021 (rescheduled again)
to April 4 -10 2022

We are relaunching this tour to run on the new dates of April 4 - 10 2022. We will send out an updated brochure to everyone on our list including those who already have a reservation. The tour web page which includes full details can be found here.

If you have reserved a place Millennium Tours will contact you shortly. If you would like to join the tour please contact Millennium for details.

Alsace title

Since the Romans created their vineyards on the fertile plains between the Vosges mountains and the Rhine Alsace and Lorraine were desirable lands, the focus of wars between the kingdoms of the Middle Ages and between the great European powers until the 20th century. Despite centuries of annexation and religious strife the provinces produced prosperous Medieval trading towns, glamorous Ducal cities and extraordinary art and architecture. There are mountain fortresses built for Charlemagne, exquisite Gothic Cathedrals, some of the finest sculpture in the west and from 1900 the magical Art Nouveau inspired by the Ecole de Nancy.

This tour based in beautiful Strasbourg is designed to introduce you to the fascinating history of Alsace and Lorraine and their unique arts.

You can find the schedule for the April 2022 tour here.

For all information and enquiries about this and any other tours, including printed brochures, booking forms and copies of the terms and conditions, or if you would like to be on the mailing list for future tours please contact Millennium Tours at the address below.

Millennium Tours
Suite 67
95 Wilton Road
London SW1V 1BZ

Tel. 020 8875 9863


Notes and Letters

Notes and Letters contains a continuing series of illustrated letters sent to my good friends Richard Box and Bill Barrow after holidays which usually double as scouting trips for possible tours. They are only slightly exaggerated descriptions of our encounters abroad and I hope you find them interesting and amusing. You will see that even when writing to a friend I can’t restrain myself from throwing in historical background. Once a teacher, always a teacher I suppose.

Click here to go to the Notes and Letters.

The series includes letters from Sicily, Puglia, Madrid, Emilia Romagna, Naples and Calabria, the oldest being at least 10 years old.

Lecture Notes and Self-guided Tours

New notes added

Two new sets of lecture notes "The House of Tiffany" and "Three Artists of the Golden Age" are available on the Notes and Letters page.

You will also find selected notes from lectures including 'The Secret Language' on symbols in art , 'The Troubadours and the Courts of Love' and 'The Pilgrim Roads'.

You will also find two sets of self-guided tours to Rome and Sicily which you can download and print. There are five Roman to choose from, plus notes on the Sistine Chapel, as well as two easy trips out of town. Sicily is a 7 day introduction to the island with a possible two to three day extension.

I hope you enjoy my site and please come back soon.

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